Posted by: mygentlecloud | October 21, 2011

Marketing Postcards using Vistaprint


Singapore Writers Festival starts tomorrow. I’m excited to try out my new marketing postcard there. I’ve used a Groupon voucher to get a good deal from Vistaprint. 500 postcards plus 250 matching namecards plus 3 business day expedited delivery came out to S$167.  Not too bad, I think.

Quality-wise, the actual colour print appears darker than the softcopy pasted above. The namecards were more elongated than the standard size of namecards.  Still usable, but not as pleasing to the eye. I’ll have to send this feedback to them.

I had earlier envisioned the business model of Vistaprint to be a central WW online marketing/sales & purchase system with contracts with local printers in the represented countries for order fulfilment. It turned out not to be the case. The box I received yesterday was shipped from Australia, a country known for their high labour cost and a currency strength of  S$1.30 to A$1. Wouldn’t getting it fulfilled through a local printer work better? Or perhaps from one of the ASEAN countries where the printing cost would be much lower.

Su Yin




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