Posted by: mygentlecloud | August 9, 2009

About Gentle Cloud!

My chinese name is Su Yin. Literally translated, it means Gentle Cloud.   Clear & Bright is my husband.  (You may roll your eyes).  He is known to most as just Sim.

I have a friend who calls herself Autumn Shower.  She once commented, “Gentle Cloud and Autumn Shower. What a combination.”  I agree. It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it.  Perhaps one of these days, I will pen a short story using that title.

I first knew her when Through The Storm made its debut through a marketing e-flyer I sent out.  She was my first customer.  She invited me to autograph my book at the Art House.  We had a chat over coffee, found a common love for writing, and a friendship was forged.  We’ve come a long way since.

I  began serious writing back in 2004. It was just after the tsunami which hit Asia on Boxing Day.  It was a horrific tragedy. More than 150,000 lives lost, millions left homeless.

I wrote my first chapter on a long haul flight to Orlando. Another two on the flight back. And ploughed through forty-odd more over the course of a year to complete. It took me another year to rewrite it and edit it to a satisfactory stage to earn the Seal of Approval from a writer’s site I joined.

My second book, Bright Links, Dark Links, took a much longer time to write. I finished it in December 2008 and felt a deeper sense of accomplishment. The output was more sensitive and mature, a potential winner, something I could be proud to put my name on. After sitting on it for three years, I’ve dug it out, read through it all over again, edited and changed the ending, and will be publishing it soon.

I’m into my third book., My Brother’s Keeper.   Work has kept me from venturing beyond the first chapter, though. But I will press on.

Su Yin


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