Posted by: mygentlecloud | November 5, 2006

Manna from Heaven

I finally met my church pastor today, three weeks after I left a copy of the book for her. She was standing there, waiting to greet the congregation filing out after the service. Having not heard from her, I was unsure what to expect when I shook her hand, thinking to step aside for others coming her way.

But, bless her, Rev Wendy held my hand tight, surprising me by not letting go for a long while! We just stood there, her smile and energy overwhelming me to the point that I felt both shy and elated at the same time. My goodness, this is my pastor and she is clasping my hand like … like she wants to talk to me!

After my tongue became untied, I asked whether she had received and read the book, to which she answered yes! Then, in her own special way of speaking with that bottled energy of hers, she asked whether she could quote some parts of it in her sermon and then point to me as the author.

Whoa!! That caught me by surprise. I was both touched and bowled over by the thought. The first question that popped in my mind was what she was going to quote. But I didn’t get to ask it, for I was so overwhelmed you see. I laughed – a little uncontrolled – and said she is welcome to quote anything from there so long if I do not get to be identified. It would be too embarrassing.  On hindsight, I think that perhaps, just perhaps, she was trying in her own way to publicise my work for me. Manna from Heaven which I did not pick up, right? Well, if God is willing, there will be more manna tomorrow…

Su Yin


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